8 tips for traveling to Paris with a wheelchair

by Feb 7, 2018

During my last trip to Paris I tested somethings to see what the accessibilities were for a wheelchair in Paris. In this post I’ll tell you my discoveries in Paris.

If you haven’t read about my days in Paris start reading with day 1.

So, here’s a list of tips when you are going to travel to Paris with a wheelchair.

1. Take cabs

I found out that the cabs in Paris are accessible for wheelchairs. There are small taxis and bigger ones with a ramp so you can ride into the cab. G7 is an app, like Uber, but they offer accessible cabs too. You just simply register by e-mail and order a cab with the app. Very handy if you don’t like to call, like me.

2. Take busses

Metro’s in Paris are not accessible because there are only stairs at the stations. Some stations have elevators but 90% of them don’t. Busses are very accessible because they have a ramp and a special space in the bus to park with your wheelchair. Busses go through the whole city so you can get everywhere by bus.

3. Travel by train to Paris

For my readers who are from The Netherlands I advise you to travel by train. It is cheaper than travelling by car and plane and they have special (low) prices for wheelchairs. You always travel business class, no matter the price. You have to book the ticket at least 10 days before you want to go on your trip. In the Thalys is a special place reserved for wheelchair users and you will get tea, coffee and water the entire trip, which makes your trip even more comfortable. The conductors are very nice and helpful. I highly recommend this way to travel by, because it’s fast and chill.

4. Notre Dame & Eiffeltower

The Notre Dame is very accessible. You have to get in through the exit because the entrance has a very high doorstep. The entrance is free and it is very beautiful inside.

The Eiffel tower is very accessible too. But you can’t get to the top because of safety reasons. The entrance is way cheaper than normal and you have priority access to the elevator to get up and down.

5. Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart is the most beautiful thing to see in Paris, in my opinion. But with wheelchair is it really hard to drive on the streets because of the cobblestones. I really don’t liked that and that’s why I stayed on the sidewalks, because that was  asphalted. Sacred Heart is known for its stairs, but on the left side there are two elevators to get upstairs. I didn’t get inside but they told me it was possible. Let me know if you got in by wheelchair.

6. Go to Centre Pompidou

For shopping, I recommend Centre Pompidou. The Champs Elysées is beautiful but doesn’t really have giftshops. Centre Pompidou has everything you look for. Giftshops, Sephora, H&M and so on. There are lots of restaurants and always street artists who will entertain you with music and dance acts.

7. Arc du Triomphe

The Arc du Triomphe is very nice to see. But if you are in a wheelchair you can’t get up. If you like heights that’s a real bummer. Watching it from a distance is satisfying too. You can combine this attraction with a visit to the Champs Elysées

8. Speak French

French people are known for not speaking any other language than their own and being not very friendly. I figured that if you just speak a little French to them that they will loosen up a bit more.  Just a simple ‘bonjour’ and ‘merci’ will make them feel more appreciated. They will try their best more for you. And if you like it or not you depend on people helping you.

This is my list of tips for you in Paris. I hope it gave you more information about the accessibilities in Paris.

Let my know if you have any tips for me too and if you liked this post.

Till next time!


~ Ashley Sharon


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