Series to watch

Series worth watching

Watching a TV series can be very relaxing. Especially now in the winter when it’s dark and cold outside I can really appreciate a chill day on the couch just with my series and cat. Here’s my list of series I love at the moment.

Vampire Diaries

This is a typical girls series. I’ve been watching this serie over and over again but never made it to the last season. Because I don’t want it to end.

The Vampire Diaries is about two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon, making their return to their old hometown; Mystic Falls. Stefan and Damon run into the beautiful innocent Elena Gilbert who is a dead ringer for their old love Katherine Pierce. Stefan falls in love with Elena and Damon eventually too. Their return to their old hometown doesn’t stay unnoticed and soon trouble starts. They do everything to keep Elena and everyone she loves safe.

Every girl who watches this series has her favorite brother but I still can’t choose between Damon and Stefan. I wouldn’t know what to do if I was Elena. Let me know in the comments who your favorite is.

Being Mary Jane

This is an interesting series because it identifies the Afro-American community. It portrays themes that presents issues for not only Afro-American women but also Latin-American women.

This series about Mary Jane who’s a successful TV news anchor, who lives in Atlanta. She has it all; money, a beautiful house and a loving family. But she is struggling with her love live. She’s in her thirties and still has no husband. All she wants is a stable love live but every time she thinks she found the one something is wrong. She also has to deal with serious family matters.

I like this series because it always starts with a nice or sometimes deep quote. Besides, it tackles powerful issues that matters nowadays.

Confession: My blogname is based on this series.

Hawaii Five-O

I love, love, love this tv series. I’m not a big of a fan of crime series but this one is my fave! I really stay home for this series.

It is about a small special task force on Hawaii which is headed by former Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett. With his team he investigates crimes like terrorism or kidnapping to keep the island safe.

I like this show because it’s not very dark and it shows you beautiful places on Hawaii. This makes me really want to travel there.


When I want to laugh and watch something funny I’ll watch Suits. The first season is the funniest and the seasons after get more serious.

Suits is about a fiction law firm in New York City. It focusses on the talented Mike Ross who accidentally ran into Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers in New York City. Mike starts working for Harvey  as his law associate while actually  never attended to law school. While working together to close cases they have to maintain Mike’s secret. While maintaining their secret, the firm goes through tough times.

The series has very distinct personalities with each their own story you’ll get to learn more about during the series. I like it because it can be very humorous and vivacious. Sometimes it can be very complicated so you have to keep up.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is a series I never expected to really like. A friend of mine kept telling me to watch it for years. So, when I ended White Collar (also a real great series) I had to start a new one and decided to give SOA a shot. And unexpectedly, I got addicted to it.

The series is about a motorcycle club named Sons of Anarchy. It has charters in the States and overseas. The series focusses on the original and founding ‘’mother’’ charter (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original or SAMCRO) of the Sons and was founded by John Teller, who passed away. His son Jackson Teller, also named Jax, wants to follow his fathers’ footsteps to become the President of the club but starts questioning the club and himself gradually. SAMCRO is based in Charming and protects the village of bribery and violent intimidation. During the series brotherhood, loyalty and redemption are constant themes.

It is a tensive and vivacious series with a bit of romance. Each character has something you’ll like. Sometimes it is so exciting that you’ll want to keep on watching episode after episode.

Are you gonna watch one of the series above? Let me know in the comments! And let me also now what kind of recommendations you have for me.

Till next time!


~ Ashley Sharon


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