Anastasia beverly hills

My wishlist for this Christmas and my birthday!

It’s the (al)most wonderful time of the year. Witha little more than a week to go to Christmas I wanted to share my wishlist. Besides,it happened to be my birthday on the 31st of December. Even more reason to share what I’d like to have. So family and friends pay attention 😊!

1.        Becca | Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow face palette blush


I’ve seen YouTubers using this palette in several videos which made me curious about this highlighting palette. And the package is only to die for.

2.      H&M | Porcelain plates in dark grey


I’m a little clumsy and half of the plates I had have been broken.. besides, I just don’t fancy my own plates anymore and would like to have something different. The plates by H&M seem to be matching more perfeclty in my interior.

3.       H&M | Forks, (tea)spoons and knives


To match my severingware I’d like to add the black forks, spoons and knives by H&M.

4.      Chloé | Nomade


Ever since Chloécame out with this ‘’new’’ (it’s not that new anymore) I wanted to buy this one. Unfortunately, I never really bought it. I’m not a big of a fan of Chloé’s perfumes but this one is definitely the one I really like. I’ve been asking testers everytime I bought something at the perfumery.

5.      Anastasia Beverly Hills | One of their eyeshadow palettes

Anastasia beverly hills

Maybe if you’ve been following me for a while now you’d probably know that I lovemake-up. As a true beauty lover a palette of Anastasia have been missing in my stash ☹.

6.      Rituals | Fragrance sticks ritual of Dao


I like my house to be filled with a nice scent. It makes it feel like coming home even more.The Ritual of Dao is my favorite line of Rituals and so I use the shower oil too on a daily basis.

And that is my wishlist for this years’ Christmas and my birthday. I hope that I gave you some inspiration for your wishlist if you didn’t know what to ask Santa this year.

Please let me know if you have a wishlist and what you’d like to get from Santa this year in the comments down below.

‘Till next time!
~ Ashley Sharon


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