My first solo trip to Paris | Day 3 & 4

by Jan 31, 2018

♥ Day 3 & 4

It was my last day in Paris and I really wanted to go the Eiffel Tower and go for a shopping spree at the Champs Elysées. So I decided to save these two best thing for last. The next day I had to check out early to catch my train. 

Read here my second day of my solo trip in Paris.

Eiffel tower

I found out that taxis were also accessible by wheelchair and that G7 had an app to order a cab. I downloaded the app and ordered a cab to the Eiffel Tower. The cab arrived in 10 minutes and had a ramp to get in the car. In 20 minutes I arrived at the Eiffel Tower and there was a very long line to get under the Eiffel Tower. It was highly secured with guards an military. The line for people in a wheelchair was much shorter, so I got inside in 15 minutes. When I was inside, I bought tickets to get upstairs and took the elevator to the second floor. For safety reasons, wheelchairs can’t go to the top. It was again very cold upstairs so I took the elevator back to the first floor after 10 minutes already. At the first floor I went to the restaurant and grabbed a coffee and enjoyed the view for a while.

The Eiffeltower

Eiffeltower view

Eiffeltower - Paris

Champs Elysées

After being in the Eiffel Tower for almost an hour and a half I decided to drive to the Champs Elysées. It shouldn’t have been far away from the Eiffel Tower and for the first time during my trip the sun was shining. Downstairs it was less cold too. I drove past expensive, beautiful stores like Louis Vuitton. Arrived at the Champs Elysées it was so crowded. I couldn’t get through the crowds. I decided to just go to the Sephora, I really wanted to buy some Fenty Beauty make-up, and then take a taxi to Galleries Lafayette. In the Sephora it was crowded too, I could barely drive in the store. I bought a highlighter, lipstick and wipes.

Louis Vuitton - Paris

When I got my stuff I drove over the Champs Elysées and at the end of the street I orderd a cab to Galleries Lafayette. When I got there it was very crowded too so I got out very quickly. I decided to search for a restaurant and have some dinner. I ate some chicken with mashed potatoes and drunk a Martini 😊.

Martini & olives

Chicken & martini

Afterwards I went back to the hotel and started packing. I watched a movie to chill and then got some sleep to be fresh for the trip back home.

The next day

And then my trip has, unfortunately, come to an end. I wanted to stay much longer but everything has to come to an end. I packed my last things and checked out. Even though the train station was like around the corner of my hotel, I called a cab because it was raining. It was not even 3 minutes with the cab but I didn’t want to struggle with my suitcase again. When I got to the station I went to the staff for assistance and waited for the train.

In the train I watched some series and before I knew I arrived back in Amsterdam.

I loved my days in Paris even though the  cold and the bad start.

I hope you loved reading my adventures.


~ Ashley Sharon


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