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My everyday makeup routine in a rush

Since I’ve got a new job and have to start at 9 AM, which is way to early for me and can’t get used to, I try to get up as late as possible. Although, my alarm goes off around 6.45 AM I stay in bed until 7.30/7.45– yeah I’m that kind of person – and I always have to rush. Therefore, I have to get ready in half an hour as my travel time is about 45 minutes. That’s why I created a very quick makeup routine with only 6 products.

I’m not a morning person. In my previous job I started around 10 AM, sometimes later. Back then I really took the time to do my make-up and mostly did a full face makeup. When taking this job I really thought I could get used to getting up at 7 AM, but nothing less is true. Putting on makeup is an important part of my self-care and I wouldn’t be going to work without makeup on. As I’m just such a lazy and not a morning person at all I had to make a quick makeup routine. This routine takes not more than 10 minutes.

My products used on a daily basis

  • Gorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation
  • Laura Mercier translucent powder
  • Artistry brow powder set
  • Dior bronze glow
  • Diorshow black-out mascara
  • Eyeliner

The routine

Before applying any makeup I always clean my skin first with a toner and apply a face oil and moisturizer.

Off course, I start with applying my foundation. I do this with a stippling brush, this works the best and quickest for me. As I’ve always been liking a full coverage foundation that’s what kind of foundation I mostly use. Read here my review about the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation. I finish the foundation with the Laura Mercier translucent powder. This mattifies my face and keeps the foundation in place. Afterwards, I start shaping my brows with the Artistry brow powder set. I’ve been trying pencils and gel kind of brow products so far I’m really liking it.

To give my face a little dimension I shape it with the Dior Bronze glow. I apply this on my crease to shape my eyes a little bit and it makes me look a little more fresh. I also apply the bronzer below my cheek, nose, forehead and chin. This gives my face a little more definition. The Dior Bronze glow contains a little shimmer and number 8 is the shade I’m using. This color is perfect for medium skin tones.

Last, I add eyeliner to my waterline and put on my most favorite mascara off all times.

And that’s my easy quick makeup routine I use when I’m in a rush. I don’t even put something on my lips. When I have a few minutes left I will add one of my Kylie Cosmetics lip kits 😊.

These products are products I have to wear before I leave the house. Sometimes, I leave the bronzer but the other 5 products are a real must for me to wear.

I’m curious about your everyday makeup routine. Do you wear makeup (on a daily basis)? Let me know in the comments down below.

‘till next time!
~ Ashley Sharon


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