Hotspotting: Mama Makan | Amsterdam

by Dec 2, 2018

In Amsterdam East you’ll find the pretty new Indonesian restaurant Mama Makan. It’s the place to be for lovers of rice tables, satays and other Indonesian food. I love rice and decided to try this restaurant! Mama Makan is located in the Hyatt Regency hotel in Amsterdam East. A little outside the city center but easy to reach with the tram or metro. Hyatt Regency Amsterdam The restaurant has a botanical interior with lots of plants and green and warm wooden shades. It is inspired by the roots that Holland and Indonesia binds. They serve refreshing Indonesian food like a nice gado gado, rendang and gorengs. They’ve also added some very nice cocktails to their menu which you can try in the evening. Perfect to end your day with! Mama Makan Mama Makan Bar/Restaurant Mama Makan street view Mama Makan bar You can take place at the bar when you’re dining alone or take seat on a table. We were pretty early and when we arrived the restaurant wasn’t very crowded. As the evening progressed, it became increasingly busy which made me realize it’s a very popular restaurant.

The food

The menu is pretty big, almost bigger than me.. therefore it was a little clumsy for me to handle. Nevertheless, the menu was clear with different sections like appetizers and soups, sides and even vegetarian. It’s also possible to go for a rice table for two. That day my molar broke so I wanted to eat something that wasn’t hard to chew. Therefore, I decided to only go for a main dish. I was in dubiety to go for the satay or the Opor Ayam Java (chicken curry). I found the satay too ordinary and chose the curry. My friend went for the Mie Goreng Java Atau Rebus (noodles with chicken and prawns). The food arrived pretty quickly, we waited approximately 15 minutes. Mama Makan menu Chicken curry My dish came in 2 bowls. One bowl with rice and fried unions and one bowl with the chicken curry. It smelled só good and was dying to take my first bite. The chicken was tender and the curry was so good flavored. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much sauce and there was one piece too raw. After the main dish we decided to go for a sorbet. I ordered one scoop of the Lychee flavor. It was delicious 😊! Too stay hydrated we only drunk water. Water

My Opinie

I’ve never been to an Indonesian restaurant. Mostly I end up in a sushi restaurant as this is what all my friends like. I’m actually the only one who likes exotic food. So this was my first time dining in a Indonesian restaurant. I really liked it. When I arrived at the restaurant I felt like I was in Indonesia for a moment. It’s very spacious with enough space to move with a wheelchair. The food was delicious apart from that one piece of chicken that was raw. The waitresses were very kind but once it got more busy it took a long time for them to get to our table to help us. We had to wait a long time to get the bill. I expected it to be pretty expensive but the total was €50. That’s not very expensive for 2 dishes, a big bottle of water and 2 sorbets. I enjoyed the food and the ambiance and would definitely go back sometime to try some of the other courses. Mama Makan Food Location Wheelchair friendly Staff ’til next time! Xoxo ~ Ashley Sharon


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