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by Mar 2, 2019

I’m living more than 5 years in Amsterdam, right now. And I don’t really know the city that well. I still go to the places every tourist would go, like Leidseplein or Waterlooplein. A while ago I decided that I should explore the city more and force myself to go to places I’ve never been. This time, Happyhappyjoyjoy Amsterdam West.

Happyhappyjoyjoy was on my list for months and finally me and my friend went there for lunch. It’s hard to find places that are accessible because most of the restaurants have a stair at the entrance. I wasn’t really sure if Happyhappyjoyjoy was ground floor with the street. When I decide to go to a certain place I mostly check the accessibility on Google Maps Streetview because I hate to call. This time I couldn’t really see if it was accessible. But, I decided to take the risk. There are several locations of Happyhappyjoyjoy in Amsterdam but the chances were the biggest at the location in Amsterdam West that it would be accessible.

The concept of Happyhappyjoyjoy

The concept of Happyhappyjoyjoy is that you order several dishes to share with your table mate. The menu is pretty big but the dishes you get served are pretty small – starter size -. The idea of this is that you can try more dishes all at once. It’s like an Asian tapas. The prices of the dishes vary from €5 to €9.

The menu contains street food with Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Chinese influences. Besides, they also serve Asian inspired drinks like bubble tea. They even have Asian beers.

They recommend to order 3 to 4 dishes that would be enough for a whole meal to share. But, I was hungry so I ordered more off course 😊! In my opinion, 3 to 4 dishes to share is way too little. Luckily, you can always decide to order some more.

happyhappyjoyjoy bar

The interior

Happyhappyjoyjoy is furnished colorfully like everything that reminds you of Asia. The ceiling is covered with those real Asian umbrellas. On the walls you’ll see typical Asian paintings. When you enter the restaurant you really forget that you’re actually in Amsterdam. There is an open kitchen so you can see how your food is made. The interior is a little too much for me but that’s a matter of personal taste.

Happyhappyjoyjoy kitchen

My opinie

When I arrived at the restaurant I noticed that there was a little stair inside. So, I got a little worried that I couldn’t get in and we had to find another place to lunch. My friend decided to go in and ask if they maybe had a ramp. I was surprised that they actually had one and luckily I was able to get in 😊! The staff was very nice and explained the concept of the restaurant very clear.

The food is really good! I’ve ordered the rendang, Peking duck dumplings, Edammame and the crispy chicken Baos. The last one is one of the most popular dishes of Happyhappyjoyjoy so I had to try one of them. This is a colorful steamed bun with different fillings and served like a burger. This was really delicious and looked soo fun! It’s such a cute little colorful burger with such good taste. Although, we really had to wait a quiet long time for our ‘’burgers’’. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of my food so I don’t have one..

When we left my friend went to the toilet and told me that they have a wheelchair accessible toilet. I was, again, pleasantly surprised. Most of the restaurants don’t have that. Therefore, I always assume they don’t have one. So, extra points for Happyhappyjoyjoy!

I loved lunching at Happyhappyjoyjoy and I definitely want to go back to try some more dishes!

Happyhappyjoyjoy | Amsterdam West
Wheelchair friendly

’till next time!

~ Ashley Sharon

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