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My first solo trip to Paris | Day 1

Day 1 in Paris

It was finally the day before Christmas. The day I was looking forward to for weeks, because that day I was leaving to Paris and make my first solo trip for four days. Two weeks of waiting, stress and excitement finally came to an end. Because I was about to leave the Netherlands for a few days after years not leaving this country.

The solo trip

So, there I stood at Amsterdam Central station with my luggage. The trip by metro only was already an adventure. It’s not easy driving your electric wheelchair with a suitcase and a heavy bag. My suitcase fell three times. Yeah, I should have taken a cab to the station, I know.. but I was stubborn. Thought I could handle it. But hey, I made it!

I went to the train service center to wait for assistance to get in to the train. After a few minutes two men came to assist me. Fortunately, one of them took over my suitcase so I didn’t had to struggle through the gates. I took place in the train eighteen minutes before departure. After the wait of a long eighteen minutes my adventure started.

The train staff was so nice to me. I was a little bit afraid that when I arrived in Paris, there wouldn’t be someone waiting with the elevator to get me off the train. Luckily, the conductor offered to call the train station in Paris to be sure there would be someone to get me off the train. So, I could finally chill and watch some Netflix with some coffee and tea. Because it was the day before Christmas, we all got a bottle of Champaign. Thank you Thalys for the great start!


After 3,5 hours I arrived at Paris. And indeed there was a man waiting for me with an elevator 😊 (almost felt like a princess)! I booked a hotel nearby the station, because I didn’t know if the cabs were wheelchair friendly as in the Netherlands. My suitcase fell only once and some French people helped me out when I was in trouble. After 5 minutes I arrived at the hotel. It was a cute small hotel. The receptionist helped me, as friendly as she was, with my suitcase to put it on the bench.

I had a large room with enough space to drive with my wheelchair. The bathroom was totally accessible with a shower chair and toilet handles. I wanted to take a shower before I went to the city, but there was no hot water. I waited an hour and it already got dark. So, I just left for dinner. When I got a place de la République I saw that almost every restaurant was already closed. Besides, it got to my attention that almost everybody was looking at my like there where seeing something they’ve never seen before. In Holland I don’t notice people watching me but now it made me a little anxious. So, I decided to just order some KFC and eat it in my room and stayed in the whole night with some movies.

Appia La Fayette Hotel
Appia La Fayette Hotel

When I got back in my room I thought by myself ‘What did I do? Why am I doing this? What was I thinking to go to Paris all by myself? And I have still 3 more days to go..’

This was my first day. Hope you liked it more as I did.
Soon day 2 will be published, stay tuned!
From Paris with love,
~ Ashley Sharon


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