The world is a book and those who do not travel will only read one page. On this page you will find articles about my travel adventures/ diaries and tips for on a vacation. I also share whether a place or hotel is wheelchair accesible or not. Enjoy reading :)!

  • My first solo trip to Paris | Day 2

    ♥ Day 2 in Paris In my first blogpost I told you about the trip to Paris by train. That day was very exciting but ended not very well. But this was my first full day I had to spend in Paris and I looked forward to it anyway.

  • solo trip paris

    My first solo trip to Paris | Day 1

    ♥ Day 1 in Paris It was finally the day before Christmas. The day I was looking forward to for weeks, because that day I was leaving to Paris and make my first solo trip for four days. Two weeks of waiting, stress and excitement finally came to an end. Because I was about to leave the Netherlands for a few days after years not leaving this country.