• heartbreak

    What to do when you’re brokenhearted

    A heartbreak is one of the hardest and intense painful feelings a human being has to deal with in this life. You might think that this only relates to love. But also losing someone because of death can make you feel heartbroken.

  • A day in Amsterdam

    Being Ashley Sharon for a day | 1

    Saturday, 3 march 2018 Last Saturday my friend came over from Rotterdam to spend the day with me. We went on a shopping spree, had a nice dinner and went to the movies. Off course I took some photo’s and I’d like to tell you about my day.

  • Life lessons 2017

    5 life lessons I learned in 2017

    2017 is already more than 2 months behind us and I think it’s time now to sum up the 5 most important life lessons I’ve learned the past year. It feels like I’ve made it to adulthood and changed personally in 2017.

  • Series to watch

    Series worth watching

    Watching a TV series can be very relaxing. Especially now in the winter when it’s dark and cold outside I can really appreciate a chill day on the couch just with my series and cat. Here’s my list of series I love at the moment.