• Favorites of 2019

    Favorites of 2019

    It’s December, the final month of 2019! Which means 2019 is coming to an end. Therefore, it’s time to sum up my favorite things of 2019. This one is about everything BUT beauty products. That will be a separate article.

  • Respect love complement

    Respect, love & a complement

    He started with: ‘’Excuse me miss, can I have a word with you?’’. First, I thought ‘’uh yeah, again, what now?’’ instead, I said ‘’Yes, off course’’. He continued ‘’I just wanted to say that you’re a beautiful woman.’’.

  • Bad job experience

    What I learned from a bad job experience

    When I was 20 years old I decided to move to Amsterdam and do a study. To pay the bills I had to take a student job and I succeeded to land my first job. I was so grateful and happy with the opportunity they gave me because I didn’t had any experience. The people at the company I started working believed in me and I felt very comfortable at the office. Unfortunately, my second job led to a bad job experience. 

  • Passing

    How one of my best friend’s passing changed me

    One of the hardest things I had to deal with in life was the passing of one of my dearest friends a young age. Tomorrow she should be turning 26 and today it’s been 2,5 years since she deceased. It feels like it happened a decade ago but on the other hand it feels like it happened last week. This dark event in my life really changed me as a person. 

  • Healthy breakfast

    Let’s talk about .. Breakfast!

    In this new series ‘Let’s talk about..’ I’ll inform you more about topics that concern me. This first one will be about breakfast. In one of my previous posts I wrote that I don’t breakfast. Everyone in my life knows I don’t breakfast and that I can’t eat for hours. And everyone keeps telling me that I should breakfast and that it’s such a bad thing that I don’t. Well, it’s actually not that bad and here’s why.