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by Mar 7, 2018

Saturday, 3 march 2018

Last Saturday my friend came over from Rotterdam to spend the day with me. We went on a shopping spree, had a nice dinner and went to the movies. Off course I took some photo’s and I’d like to tell you about my day.

My friend arrived at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I promised her that I’ll give her a new make-up look. I like playing with make-up and watching make-up tutorials is one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube. I wanted to be a make-up artist when I was younger but I decided to study something else. My love for make-up never faded and I’ve developed my skills by watching YouTube videos. My friends always like my make-up looks, so when they have the chance they ask me to do their make-up. So, we started with doing her make-up and made ourselves ready to leave the house.

touching up my friend

Time for some selfies while doing her make-up

Make-up selfie time
We traveled by metro to Amsterdam City and after half an hour we arrived. We decided to go to The Bijenkorf – a Dutch warehouse and one of my favorite stores – and went shopping at the cosmetics department. I bought a Nars lipstick and lipliner in a dark brown color. My friend bought a facial cream because she doesn’t use one – I can’t believe she doesn’t -. Once we’re done at the cosmetics department we went to the restaurant on the fifth floor and drunk a coffee and shared an apple pie together.

Strolling through Amsterdam
Then we went outside to the other stores and strolled through the streets of Amsterdam. I bought a Tea Tree Oil at The Body Shop, because I have lots of break outs and I read that Tea Tree Oil would help.

Dinner starter

Wining in Amsterdam


Around 6 pm we went for dinner to an Argentinean restaurant and drunk some wine and ate some good food. After dinner we went to the movies; Fifty Shades Freed. The movie was okay, I think the first one is better because that is where the love happens and is the most romantic. Mostly the first movie is the best when there are more of them. But I’m glad I’ve seen it, though.

And that was my Saturday. I’d like to hear what you did in your weekend so let me know in the comments.

‘till next time!
~ xoxo
Ashley Sharon


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