• Favorites of 2019

    Favorites of 2019

    It’s December, the final month of 2019! Which means 2019 is coming to an end. Therefore, it’s time to sum up my favorite things of 2019. This one is about everything BUT beauty products. That will be a separate article.

  • Respect love complement

    Respect, love & a complement

    He started with: ‘’Excuse me miss, can I have a word with you?’’. First, I thought ‘’uh yeah, again, what now?’’ instead, I said ‘’Yes, off course’’. He continued ‘’I just wanted to say that you’re a beautiful woman.’’.

  • Fenty Beauty Pro filt'r foundation

    Fenty Beauty Pro filt’r foundation | Yaay, mwehh or nahh?

    When in Nice I had to go to the Sephora. If there’s one store that I really miss in The Netherlands it’s the Sephora. But, on the other hand it makes beauty shopping in a foreign country even more exciting. This time, I bought the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation. Let’s take a look at it in this article. A few years ago I bought a Fenty Beauty highlighter and lipstick. Once I got home I regretted not buying the foundation. So, I decided whenever I’m in another country and there was a Sephora I should go buy the Fenty Beauty Pro filt’r soft matte longwear foundation. Fenty Beauty Pro…

  • Bad job experience

    What I learned from a bad job experience

    When I was 20 years old I decided to move to Amsterdam and do a study. To pay the bills I had to take a student job and I succeeded to land my first job. I was so grateful and happy with the opportunity they gave me because I didn’t had any experience. The people at the company I started working believed in me and I felt very comfortable at the office. Unfortunately, my second job led to a bad job experience. 

  • Monaco View Monte Carlo

    Travel diary: Nice & Monaco

    In my previous post I told you about our trip to Nice and our first day. On the second and last day we decided to travel to Monaco by bus. Monaco is a small country known for its extreme luxury and jetset. I’ve always wanted to see Monaco and never expect to actually go there.