Travel diary: Nice & Monaco

by Sep 9, 2019

In my previous post I told you about our trip to Nice and our first day. On the second and last day we decided to travel to Monaco by bus. Monaco is a small country known for its extreme luxury and jetset. I’ve always wanted to see Monaco and never expect to actually go there. 

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September 2nd, 2019

We got up at 9 AM to leave early and catch the bus to Monaco. It is faster to travel by train but when you’re travelling with a wheelchair you have to apply for it a few days prior. We decided this very last minute and the receptionist told us that we could also take bus 100 from Nice Port to Monaco. This took us 45 minutes. Not that long, right?

During the bustrip you go through the mountains and you get to see some really nice places. You know for sure you’ve entered Monaco when you see the enormous harbor with huge yachts. I saw beautiful shops like Dior (my favorite designer brand), Chanel and so on. We hopped off at Place du Casino, Monte Carlo. This was the most crowded spot and a lot of tourists were making pictures of the casino and Hotel de Paris. It was bloody hot in the sun so we left very quickly and just started walking with no destination.

Place du Casino, Monaco

13.30 | Lost & Palais Princier

Eventually, my friend said she wanted to go to Jardin Exotique so we walked there by GPS. On our way we found a Starbucks and grabbed an ice coffee. There was something wrong with the GPS and we never found it. We stranded at a little courtyard with some cute restaurant and a gift store. I bought a key chain (I collect key chains of places I’ve been. Though, I lost almost all of them so I don’t know why I continue..) and a bracelet with I love Monaco, how touristic. We took the bus to Palais Princier de Monaco. Yes, the bus is also very wheelchair friendly in Monaco. Before we got to the palace we had to go through some cute little streets with souvenir shops and little restaurants. All the buildings in Monaco look so colorful, cute and clean. It reminds me of Disneyland Paris a little bit. Once we arrived at the palace which is in a mountain you have a very nice view over Monte Carlo. After a while and taking enough pictures we walked back and bought a baguette. We took the bus back to Monte Carlo and strolled around. I had to go to the toilet but we couldn’t find a place that was accessible. Because it was almost rush hour we decided to take the bus back to Nice.

Palais Princier, Monaco

18.30 | Last time to the beach and sushi time!

We didn’t want to spend too much time at the hotel because it was our last evening. So we took a shower got ready and decided to head to the beach to watch the sunset.

We were looking for a certain sushi place for days but we never found it. We really wanted to eat there and were determined to find it this time. Luckily, we found it and it didn’t disappoint our expectation. It was delicious and not even that expensive. We ordered a lot and paid €52. Again, just normal prices, right?

All holiday we haven’t had ice cream so we went to an ice-cream parlor. We ate our ice cream at a fountain at Est Littoral. The mood was ruined when a tramp interrupted who was amazed by me. I don’t know why. He was very annoying and I just wanted to leave.

So, We headed back to the hotel and started packing.

Sushi in Nice

September 3rd, 2019

We had to be at the airport at 3 PM so we got up early to do some shopping. I wanted to go the Sephora so badly, because we don’t have a Sephora anymore in The Netherlands. We also needed to buy some souvenirs. I still didn’t had a key chain of Nice. we checked-out at 10.30 dropped our luggage in the hotel and went to the city center. First, we went to the Sephora. I bought the Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr foundation and theTarte Careless concealer. I also wanted to go to a pharmacie because I wanted to try Biafine. It is a French cure against acne and I really have to try that. I found my Nice keychain which I was very happy with and I also bought a mug. Once we were done shopping we found a cute restaurant at the beach and ate a pasta and a pizza. That was very delicious!

Nice Sunset

13.30 | Time to go

After lunch, we went back to the hotel and picked up our luggage. We thought we had time enough and chilled for a while. Around 13.45 we went to the tramway to go to the airport. The tram stopped at terminal 1 and 2. We thought that because we arrived at terminal 2 we were departing at terminal 1. This wasn’t the case and we were at the wrong terminal. Those 2 terminals a very far from each other so we had to wait for the tramway. Instead of being present 2 hours prior to departure we were 1,5 hours present. I had to leave my wheelchair at the check-in and I wasn’t secure about my wheelchair getting on the plane safe and proper. The assistants (5 men) assured me that everything would be fine.

I assumed that at Schiphol Airport my wheelchair would be brought upstairs at the plane. Unfortunately, they didn’t and brought my wheelchair at the baggage claim. We waited for an hour. And once I got my wheelchair back, it was broken. This was a bit of a disappointment and made homecoming even more unpleasant.

I wish we could stay a while longer but everything has to come to an end. I would really go back to Nice. Especially, because it is very accessible and the locals are very helpful.

Have you ever been to Nice? 

‘till next time!
~ Ashley Sharon

P.S. Watch the travel diary here





  1. Iuliya

    Thanks for this post! Loved reading and these are some of my places to visit 🙂

  2. Or

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. 😍😍 Your writing is so intristing – I felt I can’t leave the page before I end reading the story about your visit in Monaco. 😊😊

    Thank you for sharing & the photos are stunning!! 😉📸

    • Ashley Sharon

      Tank you so much :)! xx


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