Queen Tarzi Royal Palette | Yaay, Mwehh or Naay?

by Jul 20, 2019

A while ago I decided that it was time to expand my stash of eyeshad palettes. My stash mostly contains palettes with bronzey eyeshadows. So, this time I wanted a palette with some more vibrant colors. I’ve always wanted an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. But, after consideration I decided to go for the Queen Tarzi Royal Palette. 

Queen Tarzi

Queen Tarzi is a Dutch brand and was established 3 years ago. The brand really has such an inspiring story. The brand is named after the Afghan queen Soraya Tarzi. She ruled for 3 years over Afghanistan back in the nineteenth century. Soraya Tarzi represented empowerment and education by and for women. Afghanistan have never been ruled by an woman ever since. The businesswoman behind this brand came to The Netherlands as a refugee from Afghanistan. Queen Tarzi stands for empowerment of women just like Soraya Tarzi did.

The brand started with false lashes and now they’ve launched their very first eyeshadow Palette named after Royals around the world!

The Royal Palette

The Royal Palette was launched this Spring and contains 18 colors. Let’s see first what the brand claims it to be:

This exclusive palette contains a mix of 18 highly pigmented colors, based on powerful women worldwide. Open the doors to your own Queendom and experience the royal vibe. This unique cosmetic product is not only cruelty free, but also completely vegan.

~ Queen Tarzi

Queen Tarzi first 6 shades
Queen Tarzi mid 6 shades


I bought this palette to get out of my comfort zone because I mostly use brown shades and it was in sale at that time which made it even more attractive for me to buy this palette. This palette contains some more vibrant colors. I’ve been playing with this palette for over a month now and it’s still kinda hard to create looks with it for me. Although, I find it hard to create some nice looks like those make-upartist I’m trying and I’m very happy with this purchase. Now, I can create some different looks and improve my skills. On the photo’s it seems like the mattes are not that pigmented but when I use a brush it comes out more pigmented than I use my fingers. In my opinion the mattes are not that highly pigmented when I compare it to other palettes I have. Except the lightest color ‘Soraya’. I think my skin tone is a bit too dark for it. I mostly use it when I want to create a quick everyday look and just apply it on the lid. The shimmers are highly pigmented which surprised me. I wish that the black color ‘Kate’ was more deep and real black.

I like the formula and that the palette is vegan. The shadows are very easy to use and blend. When I look at the value of money, the palette cost €44,99, I think it’s worth your money. You get 18 shadows and you can create many different looks with it. Though, I wish the mattes were a little bit more pigmented but I’m not mad at it. For their first eyeshadow palette they did a very good job. If you’re looking for a palette which is cruelty-free and with some more vibrant colors; this is the palette for you. For me, I know I’m not going to use this palette on a daily basis and stick to my other palettes. But, I will use it for parties or moments where I really want to create a look that stands out. I’m not hysterical about this palette but it doesn’t deserve a ‘mwehh’. So, I’m giving it a tiny Yaay.

I’m curious what kind of looks you create mostly. Easy everyday looks or are you always full glam? Let me know in the comments.

‘till next time!

~ Ashley Sharon


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