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by Jan 13, 2019

I have this bad habit to not throw products  away once they are empty. Mostly I keep them to .. I don’t know why actually. They just stand there in my bathroom or on my make-up table without any purpose. Which made me think to go write about the products I’ve used and question myself if I’d buy them again. 

On YouTube lots of vloggers make videos about the products they’ve emptied and I always find it interesting to see what others use. That’s why I came up with doing this too on my blog. So let’s get started!

1. Voluspa – Prosecco rose scented candle

Let’s start with the only not beauty related product. This is a scented candle my best friend bought me for my 25th birthday. She bought it because she knows I like rose gold/bronze accessories for my house. When I lighten the candle for the first time and it started to fill my house with the scent of it I was really surprised. Most scented candles I bought disappointed me because when I smell candles in the store and think yeah that’s a really nice smell. But once you light them the smell I hardly there.

Not for this one, it really fills my house with a nice scent and it does remind me of rosé, prosecco and rose petals. The package is very nice on its own too. Unfortunately, I’ve burned it up already but I didn’t even lighten it that much. I looked this product up on the store’s website and I am pleasantly surprised that the candles of Voluspa are made with coconut wax. Therefore, the candles are more creamy, sustainable and have a stronger scent than other scented candles. Besides, the candles are pesticide-free, not animal tested, Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free. Those features of this candle is important to me because I want to use more sustainable products in the future.

So, the answer to the question if I’d buy it again is definitely a yes 😊!

Voluspa scented candle

2. Odorex – Marine fresh deodorant

I’ve been trying lots of brand when it comes to deodorants and this one is one of the few that really works for me. I mostly go through other deodorants and this one keeps me fresh all day. Odorex had several scents so I switch between them. It’s a drugstore product which makes it a affordable one. I’d definitely buy this one again.

Odorex marine fresh

3. Estee Lauder – Daywear BB cream

During summer I want to wear something more lightweight on my skin than a foundation I mostly wear in daytime. Therefore, I bought this BB cream. I bought one shade darker than I usually buy as I am tanning throughout the summer. I love that you can build this BB cream up to a more coverage one, even though a BB cream isn’t actually made for some real coverage. But hey, rules are meant to be broken. I’ve been using this one in the winter too but then with a thicker layer than I did in summer to have some more coverage. As I was using this cream I found out that I had lots of break-outs. The cream smells really good and there is I guess where it goes wrong for me. I applied the cream with a brush and after a few days of using it I noticed that my brush was having a real bad smell. When I took the cream of with a wipe I noticed the same bad smell. I know I am a little sensitive for foundations and beauty products which contains fragrance or alcohol. So, that’s why I really think that was causing me the (extra) impurities (I always break out and am still looking for the right skincare to solve this). The ingredient list is pretty long and I don’t have enough knowledge to tell you what the ingredients do.

This cream isn’t empty but I think I shouldn’t be using this product anymore as it gives my skin even more impurities. Therefore, no I am not going to buy this BB cream again. Bye felicia!

Estee Lauder BB cream

4. Kiehl’s – Midnight recovery oil

I am still struggling with my skin as I break out a lot. Since I’m using products by Kiehl’s my skin feels a lot better and I break out less than before. This is one of all the Kiehl’s products I use and I really love how this is changing my skin. This concentrate restores the appearance of the skin, smooths the skin is anti-aging and reduces fine lines. I’ve already bought this one twice and I will do that again.. I guess..

Kiehls midnight recover concentrate

5. Rituals – Ritual of Dao shower oil

And the last but surely not least. The shower oil. I am using this for approximately 2 years now so I bet you know I’d buy this one again. I really love the scent of this shower oil. It is my favorite line of Rituals. I also like the Ayuveda line but this one is my truly favorite. In the summer I try the summer line to switch it up. But I always come back to this one. It is not very cheap for a shower oil but a little goes a long way and it lasts very long.

So, hell yeah I’d buy this one again.

Rituals of Dao

And that is it. These are the 5 products I’ve been using up for the past few weeks. Let me know in the comments which ones you have been using up and if there is a product in this list you also use.

‘till next time!

~ Ashley Sharon


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