My road to wearing false lashes & what you should know as a beginner

by May 25, 2019

So, I’ve been wearing false lashes since about two months and I never thought that I would really love it! After trying, watching tutorials and trying again I finally got the hang of it. 

It all started when I created a make-up look and send it to a friend of mine. He told me that one thing was missing; false lashes. I was like ‘’Yeah, tried it, not my thing. I don’t have the talent to apply them properly.’’. He kept telling me that it just takes some practice and I thought that I should give it one more try. So, I went to our drugstore and bought a few different affordable false lashes. And like I thought: I really didn’t like the feeling of having false lashes on. I watched tutorial after tutorial after tutorial on YouTube. Almost every tutorial contained the same technique. And none of them worked for me. Until, I found the NikkieTutorials video from years ago. Watch her tutorial here to see how she did it back then. I started to try her technique by cutting the lashes in half and apply it in 2 sections. Miraculously, it worked for me and by applying the lashes this way I got used to the feeling of wearing false lashes.

My favorite lashes to start with were the false lashes by Kiss. Those lashes were the perfect length and I didn’t have to cut the lash band into the right size of my eye. These lashes also looked very natural so I won’t really stand out. Also, the adhesive was very easy to work with as it has an applicator. After using Kiss for a while I decided to take it to the next step and tried the Ardell Wispies lashes. The lash band of the Ardell lashes are a bit too long for my eyes so I always had to cut and measure them. 

Queen tarzi lashes
Queen Tarzi Ella lashes


After a while, I decided to go for faux mink lashes. These kind of lashes are way more expensive but they should last longer. I went for the Queen Tarzi lashes and bought their adhesive separately. I read on the package that the adhesive contained latex but I didn’t really got through me. The first time I wore the lashes with their glue my eye started to irritating. When I took them off I saw that I had an inflamed eye. I realized that it was the latex. I’m allergic to latex and silicones so that’s why my eye was irritating. When I wore the Kiss lashes I didn’t find any problems so I wasn’t aware of the fact that some adhesives could contain latex. Besides, my allergy to latex was diagnosed when I was a baby and you can grow over it. Well, I didn’t appearently ☹! I found that Duo has an adhesive that’s latex-free and since then I’m using that one. I’m not having any problems anymore with my eyes, luckily!

Duo brush on adhesive
Queen Tarzi dark tone adhesive


I used to apply mascara after I applied the lashes because it was easier for me to apply the lashes before mascara. But, on the website of Queen Tarzi they don’t recommend to apply mascara as it can harm the shape of the lashes. Therefore, I stopped applying mascara over the false lashes. Unfortunately, I already used mascara on the lashes before I found this out so I had to clean them. I’ve watched some videos on YouTube which taught me to put them in a bowl of water. After watching those tutorials I was almost going to do that but I read on the website of Queen Tarzi that it’s better to dip a cotton tip into pure alcohol and to go over the lashes carefully. I only applied a thin layer mascara twice so the mascara was off in a blink of an eye.

As for the layers of adhesive on the lash band you can carefully pull the glue off with your fingertips. That’s how you can use the lashes for a very long time. I always store them in the package so they’re protected.

And these are the things I’ve learned after wearing false lashes in my first two months. Do you wear false lashes? Are you allergic to latex and/or silicones?

‘till next time!

~ Ashley Sharon


  1. Lisa Arekion

    I love a good lash moment! I only wear for special occasions and then I let my eyes and lashes chill til the next lash event!

    • Ashley Sharon

      That way your lashes will go a looong way :)!

  2. farragio

    I’ve always been too intimidated to try false eyelashes but these tips are really helpful and have me wanting to give them a try!

    • Ashley Sharon

      Don’t be intimidated. Once you’ve tried it a few times and got the hang of it you’ll be addicted :)! xoxo

    • Larissa

      I love wearing false eyelashes if i apply them correctly! I had semi permanent ones but after a few months my eyes started reacting to them. So back to falsies it is!




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