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by Jun 24, 2019

In this new series ‘Let’s talk about..’ I’ll inform you more about topics that concern me. This first one will be about breakfast. In one of my previous posts I wrote that I don’t breakfast. Everyone in my life knows I don’t breakfast and that I can’t eat for hours. And everyone keeps telling me that I should breakfast and that it’s such a bad thing that I don’t. Well, it’s actually not that bad and here’s why. 

Before I start this article about breakfast I’d like to let you know I’m not an health expert. I did some research myself because I was annoyed by the comments I got from my family and friends and I just figured the following things out. Here’s the truth about breakfast!


Let’s start with the question: ‘Why I don’t breakfast’. In my childhood I’ve had to go through a lot of surgeries. And when you go under the knife you’re not allowed to eat after about 9 o’clock PM the day prior to the surgery (this depends on how late you’re planned). I was mostly listed on 10 AM. But, sometimes it happened that an emergency came in between which made me have to wait. Sometimes, instead of 10 AM I got helped around 6 PM. And I wasn’t allowed to eat the entire time.

I know that a lot of people haven’t had an general anesthetic and have no idea why you’re not allowed to eat. I’ll explain shortly why. When you’re under anesthetic your body reflexes are stopped temporarily. When you’re stomach has food and drink in it, there’s a risk of vomiting, or regurgitation (bringing up food into your throat).

Now, what has this to do with by breakfast routine? I haven’t had any surgery in a long time. But, I know there’s always a chance that I have to go under the knife again and I just don’t want to be unprepared and feel hungry very quickly and not be able to deal with that feeling.

I’m, off course, not starving myself. I really don’t feel hungry the second I wake up and I just think that it has to do with the many surgeries I had to undergo. When I wake up I start my day with coffee which makes me feel not hungry. The first time I feel hungry is mostly 3 hours after I woke up. And I’m not going to force myself to eat if I don’t feel like it.

Latte macchiato

The truth about breakfast

It is taught to us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially in the Dutch culture. In English the term ‘breakfast’ is easier to explain than Dutch. Lucky me, I’m blogging in English 😊. Breakfast literally means that you’re breaking your fasting. The time between you go to bed and your first meal you’re actually fasting. So, when you’re eating for the first time after waking up you’re breaking your fasting and that’s where the term ‘breakfast’ comes from. So, if you wake up at 8 and have your first meal around 12 because you didn’t felt like eating earlier you’re breakfasting. It doesn’t particularly have to do with the fact that you eat right after waking up.

Sales, sales, sales

All those phrases like ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ are just industry driven since 1917. Unfortunately, those diet myths have been ingrained in most people from childhood and reinforced by campaigns to drive sales.


Different studies have proven that there’s no link in the fact that you gain or lose weight whether you breakfast or not. The latest study shows that there is no clear benefit of starting to eat breakfast just as a tool to lose weight. Having breakfast is not a magic recipe for everyone. Our bodies are all different. If you don’t feel hungry then you shouldn’t eat. Forcing yourself to eat while actually not feeling like it makes you overeating yourself which causes gaining fat. As long as you know and listen to your own body it’s okay to not eat right away after waking up. The first meal of the day should be healthy and not something like an hamburger or something😊.

Another point this research shows is if you extend your overnight fasting you allow your body to tap into your fast reserves. This is a totally natural process, but the modern world doesn’t encourage that to happen. Read more at Telegraph UK.

Round up

If I look at my own routine of breakfasting and taking my past in consideration I think that in my case it’s not bad to not breakfast. I’m just extending my overnight fasting which is a natural process. I don’t have had any problems with my weight. Though, I’d like to urge that you shouldn’t be not breakfasting just to lose weight because this is not true! You should just listen to your body and everyone’s different. If you wake up starving, you should eat. If you wake up not feeling hungry then don’t. it’s just as simple as that 😊

Let me know in the comments if you found this article interesting and if you love your brekkie early or later.

‘till next time!

~ Ashley Sharon


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