How I cope with bad days

by Apr 3, 2019

So, I’ve been going through some bad days lately. This started a few months ago when I lost my job. Ever since I’ve been going through an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes, I’m having a real good day but sometimes I’m having a real bad day. This inspired me to tell you how I cope with the bad days and how I take care of myself when I don’t feel okay.

Not having a job can be very depressing. Especially, when you’re applying for jobs and get turned-down all the time. I’ve always been working since I moved to Amsterdam and now I feel like I don’t have any purpose or something. I also don’t actually know what I want to do and where I want to be eventually.

But that is not the subject for this article. Let’s just start with the thing I do when I feel bad or sad.


I’m a night person. The later it gets the more alive I become. But to prevent myself to like go to bed in the middle of the night and wake up late and just get totally out of the ‘’normal’’ rhythm I set my alarm at 10 A.M. On bad days I turn the alarm off and just sleep until I really feel rested enough to get out of my bed. Sometimes, I don’t even sleep. I just lay in bed overthinking everything or cry. The last one mostly happens in the middle of the night.

Sleep isn’t just sleep anymore
It’s an escape.

Watch series

When I feel real bad I watch movies or series with like some real action. A movie where I totally forget everything around me, a move that really consumes me. Nowadays, I feel like watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on Hayu. They make me laugh and motivated to actually do something. I can really use some motivation and I don’t feel like I get this from the people close to me. Watching the Kardashians starting their own business and expanding it makes me more motivated. I want to have my own business too eventually.

Listen to music

Music is a very important thing in my life. I listen to music every day. When I feel bad I mostly listen to some slow songs or real sad songs to get really into my emotions. Music can really get to your heart and most artists describe the feeling you can’t describe it yourself.

You will succeed despite the bad days.

Go outside

When I feel like it and the weather isn’t that bad I go outside for a little drive. Off course, with my headphones on and listen to some music. Just going outside for a little while makes me feel like I actually accomplished something instead of staying at home and watch Netflix. Staying at home for a couple of days makes me feel useless and if I just leave for just half an hour I feel like yeah I actually did something today.

Never give up,
everyone has bad days.
Pick yourself up and keep going.

Clean up the house

This is not my favorite thing to do actually. But when I feel bad and I do my laundry, wash the dishes and just clean up my house makes my head empty. I don’t think about anything but just concentrate on the thing I am doing which is so relaxing for me. And when I’m done I’m happy with the fact that my house looks cleaned up.

And that’s how I mostly cope with my bad days. Do you have many bad days? How do you cope with them?

‘till next time!

~ Ashley Sharon


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