The Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation | Yaay, mwehh or nahh?

by Jun 3, 2018

When it comes to foundations I’m a full coverage queen. I like foundations that are full coverage because I’ve had lots of break-outs and I just want that covered. One of the most famous foundations known for its full coverage and my all-time favorite is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. But I thought it was time to try something else and decided to go for the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation.

I’ve heard a lot about the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. It’s the #1 by many celebs so I got curious about the Giorgio Armani foundations. I went to the store and saw the Power Fabric was more full coverage and decided to buy that one instead of the Luminous Silk. I’ve got an oily skin so I’m always looking for a longwear foundation.

Let’s first take a look about what Giorgio Armani says about one of their newest foundations.

The Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation

Longwear high cover foundation – SPF 25

Giorgio Armani develops a breakthrough second skin fluid foundation: the highest percentage of pigments in a supple and elastic texture, providing  velvety luminous, impeccable long-lasting result. No caking and no settling on fine lines. Face perfection that looks natural.

Price:  €53, £42.00, $64

The foundation comes in 15 shades from light to darker tones. 15 shades isn’t really a big of a range so not everyone will find their perfect match, unfortunately. I am color 8 which is described as a darker, golden caramel shade. This, to me, sounds very good. It is supposed to be high coverage and shouldn’t feel heavy on the skin.

I’ve been testing this foundation for over a month now and I am happily surprised. The one thing that was holding me back for so long was the price. This price is like .. insane! It is so expensive but I had to give it a try. So let’s get started.

The foundation comes in a matte glass package which looks pretty fancy and has a pump with it which really is a pro to me. A pump is just very clean and no dirt will end up in the flask. The Estee Lauder doesn’t have pump which I really dislike. So the package is so good so far.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Swatch

The substance feels a little bit thick but soft and smells so good. The finish is velvety and not cakey at all. I doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and makes my skin feel soft. At the time I had a huge break-out so I decided to test it over the break-outs. I usually use just one pump and apply it with my MAC stippling brush.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Before & After

Before & After

With one pump it doesn’t blank out the life of your skin but you can build it up with adding another layer. I have to admit that those break-outs were very intense so I’m not mad that it doesn’t really cover it all. Through the month I’ve been testing the foundation I’ve been wearing it on different occasions. I wore it to a festival and at the end of the night my skin was still flawless and didn’t look oily at all like I’m used to with any other foundations I’ve tested. It becomes a little bit more dewy through the day which looks still pretty perfected. When I don’t want to wear a lot of foundation I apply just a half a pump which still makes my skin look flawless and perfected.

My opinie

I love the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation! It contains SPF 25, comes with a pump and stays put all day. The finish is lovely, velvety and not very matte. The range of tones is a little bit on the down size but maybe Armani will come with some new tones in the future. Is it full coverage? No. It just doesn’t blank your face out as a real full coverage foundation but it is buildable. I’d give this a big YAAY because I like it and it is one of the rare foundations that stays put all day.

Have you tried the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation? Or are you going to try it? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments!

‘Till next time!
~ Ashley Sharon


  1. MelissasMakeup

    I would love to try this foundation. My skin is so sensitive I am always nervous to try new things though.

    • Ashley Sharon

      Maybe you should ask a tester to try it out for a few days? This could really help find your perfect foundation. Xx

    • Ashley Sharon

      Yeah, you should :D! xx

  2. Danielle Gould

    I have never tried this but it looks like it would provide the right coverage and color on my face. Thanks for the review!

    • Ashley Sharon

      You’re welcome X


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