Favorites of 2019

by Dec 2, 2019

It’s December, the final month of 2019! Which means 2019 is coming to an end. Therefore, it’s time to sum up my favorite things of 2019. This one is about everything BUT beauty products. That will be a separate article.

When I came to this article idea I wanted to chose one thing per category. As I started to make this list I came to the conclusion that naming 1 thing is hard in most categories. Yep, I tried but failed. So, let’s get to my favorites of 2019!

Favorite series

A series I never thought I would like this much is Jane the Virgin. A friend of mine kept mentioning this series and said I really should watch it. But I was like, nah I’m not into those kind of series. But, when I saw one of my favorite Dutch influencers watch Jane the Virgin. I thought: okay, maybe I should give it a chance. And yes, I was hooked. I watched all 4 seasons within a month (which is quick for me okay?). iIt is one of the most humorous series but also contains a cliff hanger every episode which makes you want to watch episode after episode. At first, I had to enure the fact that it can be overdramatic. But, after a few episodes I got used to it and start to understand the humor. If you’re looking for a series that’s funny, has a story and is sometimes serious too I would really recommend you watching Jane the Virgin.

Favorite YouTube Channels

Since I write in English but I also have my Dutch friends follow me I’ll split this one in Dutch and international YouTube Channels. If it comes to my favorite Dutch YouTube Channels the #1 is definitely Nienke Plas! She’s fun, she’s crazy and she’s lovable with her family. I just love her. She’s been rewarded for her work this year with the first Dutch Online series. Well-deserved girl!

Another Dutch YouTube Channel I started to like this year is Monica Geuze. She’s been vlogging since the start of vlogging and I never really followed her but I decided to give her a chance and now I don’t miss out a week vlog of her.

Now, on to the International Channels. First off is, Carli Bybel. I like her ‘Follow me around’ vlogs. She’s so beautiful and fun to watch. I also like the editing of her videos. Same goes for  The Perkins. I like Desi & Steven Perkins and their adventures and their editing skills. These are both editing goals!

Favorite songs

To be honest, this was a pretty bad year for music in my opinion. Not much great songs have been dropped this year. Therefore, this list contains also songs that has been released years ago but I found out this year. B

  • Nana Fofie – Desolé
  • Drake ft. Chris Brown – No Guidance
  • Swae Lee ft. Drake – Won’t be late
  • Ed Sheeran ft. H.E.R – I don’t want your money
  • Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber – Don’t check on me
  • Michelle – Givin’ up on love
  • Salatiel, Pharell Williams & Beyoncé – Water

For my Dutchies:

  • Jairzinho – Zegen
  • Maan – Zo kan het dus ook
  • Broederliefde – Spontaan

Nice yacht harbor

Favorite place

My favorite place of this year is, off course, Côte d’Azur. I’ve always wanted to visit the South of France and Monaco and this year my wish came true! I definitely want to go back some day! It’s so beautiful there, the people were so nice and there was so much to do. We actually didn’t have enough time to see everything. This also brings me to my favorite photos of 2019. I made these photo’s in Nice & Monaco just with my iPhone. I’m so proud of how these photo’s turned out. Do you believe I took those with my iPhone 10 Max?


Read my travel diary in Nice here
Ready my travel diary in Monaco here

The Lion King

Favorite movie

My favorite movie that premiered this year is The Lion King. When I was a child this was my top favorite Disney movie and I’ve watched like it a gazillion times. The Lion King made me always forget everything and the pain, if I was in pain. When I heard they were creating an animation movie I was thrilled and I had to watch it. So, the first week it was available in the cinemas I went to see this movie. And in the first second I already had to wipe a tear. It is made so beautifully, the songs, the animations, the story still the same. I loved it!

And that’s it for my favorites of 2019! Please let me know your favorites of 2019 and stay tuned for my Beauty Favorites of 2019!

‘till next time!
~ Ashley Sharon


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