Diary of Gabriëlle | Dealing with the Corona situation

by Apr 8, 2020

Hi, I’m Gabriëlle and I’m writing this blog in cooperation with my little best friend Ashley. We thought it would be fun if I start writing blog posts to improve my English. During this Corona period we don’t have much to do and fortunately we have time to learn things. I would like to tell you about how we deal with Corona virus.

Corona lockdown

First of all, due to the fact that we can’t see each other for a while, we had to cancel our party night last week. There was no other option because everything is closed anyway. We have to stay inside, and we do that even though it is annoying sometimes. Luckily, the weather is nice in The Netherlands and it’s around 18 degrees right now. So, we can get fresh air in the garden and of course getting a tan in the sun. But it remains depressing, for some more than others.  I live with my family and have a boyfriend who I visit often, I am not alone. I can understand that it’s harder for the people who lives alone. Like my friend Ashley, thank God there is WhatsApp and FaceTime (and wine) so we meet each other there and drink a glass together.

Life routine

Our life routine is now; eat, sleep, drink, repeat. It sounds great but it is not. I thought it would be convenient working from home. For sure it does have positive some positive sides; sleep longer, no travel time (only from your bed to the desk) and doing things in your house sneaky without your boss knowing but it’s really really boring without my colleagues. I can’t wait till it’s all over  and get back to normal life. It will take a while how it now looks like.. I think for now the most important thing is to stay healthy and beat the virus Stay strong 🤍

‘till next time!
~ Gabriëlle


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