20 in 2020

by Jan 29, 2020

We’re already a while in 2020. It’s the start of a new year but also a new decade. That’s even more reason to set up a list with goals for this year. Normally, I don’t do this because I know myself; I’m not going to stick with it. Last year I set up a list as well not a lot came out of it..

I want to give myself a second chance with this list to actually complete some of them. This list is just for fun and give myself a sort of purpose this year. Well, let’s go through my 20 in 2020 list.

1. Go to a bar alone – I inspired this one on the series I’m currently watching; Grey’s Anatomy. Actually, you see a lot of character’s in all sorts of movies sitting in a bar all by themselves. It seems fun to me to give it a try and see what happens.

2. Visit a museum – it’s been such a long time since I’ve visited a museum. There’s a lot of museums in Amsterdam and I never visited one. So, I think it’s time to finally pay at least one museum a visit!

3. Develop my baking skill – I started baking last year because when I was younger I loved to bake some cupcakes. Last year, I was unemployed so I had time to start baking again. By the end of December I decided to buy my first kitchen machine which makes it a lot easier for me to mix the dough. Now, I don’t have any excuses any more to not bake more than I did.

4. Develop my graphic design skills – last year, I started thinking what I actually want to do with my life. One thing was clear to me: having my own company someday. First, I wanted to own a beauty store but due to financial problems that’s not realistic now. So, I decided to go back to when I was younger; I loved developing themes for the BlackBerry, create sites or photoshopping. And I thought, maybe that’s what I should be doing! Start a creative agency. I’ve already helped a few clients with their logo and I hope I really can make a job out of it this year!

5. Visit a city in The Netherlands I’ve never been before – I have to admit since I moved to Amsterdam I really think there’s nothing more in the country. This is something more inhabitants of Amsterdam cope with, lol. So, I really want to explore more of this country and see what Holland has to offer.

6. Redecorate some areas in my home – I’m living in this house for 6 years now and I still don’t have anything on my wall. That’s one thing that I’d like to change! Some other things I’d to buy a new makeup table, desk, bed in the guestroom and a shoe closet.

7. More YouTube videos! – I’ve made 6 vlogs which I really liked to make and edit. I really want to vlog more and increase my subscribers.

8. Explore Amsterdam – Yep, besides exploring the country more I also need to see more of Amsterdam. I’m living in Amsterdam for 6 years now but I still haven’t seen much of the city to be honest. Some people are talking to me about certain areas and then I’m like: ‘Where the hell is that?’. I really need to work on that..

9. Save more money – Being unemployed for over a year was really expensive and I wasn’t quiet prepared for that. By the end of 2019 I really had no savings anymore and my new job came as a gift out of heaven. I really need to save more money now to prepare for the future.

10. Keep my e-mailbox clean – I’m that type of person who opens e-mail and doesn’t delete it. Therefore, it’s normal to eventually have 800 e-mails in my e-mailbox in a few months. I mean, how easy is it to just delete some e-mails, Ashley?! I gotta work on that.

11. Creating more makeup looks – Playing with makeup is so satisfying to me and I love it. It’s been a while since I’ve experimented with makeup and photograph some gorgeous looks. I’m going to invest more in buying makeup and create more looks for the gram 😊

12. Go on a trip (alone) – in 2017 I went on a solo trip to Paris which I really loved! Last year, I went on a trip with my friend to Nice which was also very nice. I just want to see more of the world and just get out of the country at least once a year. I’m not going to wait for friend wanting to join me. if no one wants to join, fine, I’ll go alone. Life’s too short to wait.

13. Go to the zoo – a few years ago a zoo in The Netherlands adopted two pandas from China. I’ve been wanting to see them ever since but I never went to actually see them. The pandas will be going back to China someday, I don’t know when, so I have to hurry up.

14. Cook more new recipes – I don’t want to sound arrogant but I’m not a bad cook. The problem I mostly have is that I don’t know what to cook. So, I have to discover new recipes to make so I have more choice. Which can actually also lead to a luxury problem..

15. Improve my photography skills – in Nice I took some really beautiful pictures with my iPhone. Seeing the result gave me such a proud feeling and I want to take more of these kind of pictures. Buying a professional camera is also a high desire of mine.

16. Read more books – I don’t read much but I really want to do this more often. Why not start this year?

17. Go to a social event – I’ve never been to a network event and it actually scares the shit out of me. But it seems fun and I got to go more out of my comfort zone. So, I’m going to try to attend a social event and off course record it to show you my experiences.

18. Get a new tattoo and/or piercing – this one is high on my list and I’m sure that it’s going to happen this year! I already know what I want I just have to find a good tattoo artist to fix it for me.

19. Go to a musical or theatre show – it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a musical. It has something magical and I love the ambiance. I just have to visit the theatre again this year.

20. Start my company – this one was on my list last year but this year I really want to go for it. If it’s either my graphic design company, cake company or beauty store. I just have to take a leap of faith!

And that’s it for my 20 in 2020 list. What are your goals for the year? I’d love to read them in the comments.

‘till next time!
~ Ashley Sharon


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